Norovirus PCR Controls: Utilizing AffiCHECK for Enhanced Accuracy

Norovirus is a highly contagious virus that causes gastroenteritis, leading to symptoms like vomiting, diarrhea, and stomach cramps. Rapid and accurate detection of norovirus is crucial for preventing outbreaks and controlling its spread. Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) is a widely used method for detecting norovirus, and ensuring the accuracy of PCR results requires the use of appropriate controls. AffiCHECK is a valuable tool for this purpose, providing quality assurance and validation for norovirus PCR testing.

Understanding Norovirus PCR Controls

PCR controls are essential components of molecular diagnostic testing, used to verify the accuracy and reliability of test results. These controls include positive controls, negative controls, and internal controls.

Positive controls contain known amounts of the target nucleic acid sequence, allowing laboratories to confirm that the PCR reaction is working correctly and detecting the specific target—in this case, norovirus genetic material.

Negative controls, on the other hand, contain no target nucleic acid sequence and are used to monitor for contamination or false positives. They ensure that the PCR reaction is not producing erroneous results due to contamination or other issues.

Internal controls are included in each PCR reaction and serve as indicators of the overall performance of the assay. They help detect potential inhibitors or other factors that may affect the efficiency of the PCR reaction.

Utilizing AffiCHECK for Norovirus PCR Testing

AffiCHECK is a quality control product specifically designed for norovirus PCR testing. It consists of synthetic RNA fragments that mimic the genetic material of the virus, serving as positive controls for PCR assays. These synthetic RNA fragments closely resemble the actual norovirus RNA, allowing laboratories to validate the performance of their PCR tests accurately.

Key Features of AffiCHECK

Accurate Representation

AffiCHECK RNA fragments accurately mimic the genetic material of norovirus, providing a reliable positive control for PCR assays.


AffiCHECK is designed for long-term stability, ensuring consistent performance over time. This stability is crucial for maintaining the integrity of PCR testing processes.


AffiCHECK can be used with various PCR testing platforms and protocols, making it adaptable to different laboratory setups and workflows.

Quality Assurance

By incorporating AffiCHECK into their testing procedures, laboratories can enhance the quality assurance process and ensure the reliability of their norovirus PCR test results.

Accurate and reliable detection of norovirus is essential for preventing outbreaks and controlling its spread. AffiCHECK serves as a valuable tool for ensuring the accuracy and reliability of norovirus PCR testing. By providing laboratories with a reliable positive control, AffiCHECK enhances the quality assurance process and contributes to the effective management of norovirus infections.

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