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Precision PCR Controls for Reliable Results

At AffiGEN, we proudly introduce AffiCHECK®, the newest addition to our suite of cutting-edge molecular biology solutions. AffiCHECK® stands at the forefront of quality assurance in PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction) controls, designed to elevate the standards of accuracy, consistency, and reliability in molecular diagnostics and research.

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Why Choose AffiCHECK®

AffiCHECK® redefines the landscape of PCR controls with unparalleled precision and performance. Our meticulously designed controls serve as indispensable tools, ensuring the reliability and reproducibility of your PCR assays, from routine diagnostic tests to pioneering research endeavors.

Superior Quality Assurance

Rigorous quality control measures guarantee the integrity and reliability of AffiCHECK® controls, offering consistent and standardized performance in every assay.

Versatile Applications

AffiCHECK® controls cover a wide spectrum of targets and assays, empowering researchers and diagnostic professionals across diverse fields and PCR platforms.

Comprehensive Validation

Each batch of AffiCHECK® undergoes comprehensive validation procedures, meeting the stringent criteria for accuracy, sensitivity, and stability.

Ease of Integration

Effortless integration into your PCR workflows ensures seamless usage, saving time and streamlining your experimental processes.